We started Con-Sol enterprises in 1978 as general contractors. In 1996 we incorporated as Trinity Steel Corporation DBA: Con-Sol Enterprises

At that point we became strictly a fabricator and erector of structural steel (columns and beams) and miscellaneous iron (handrails, ladders, fences, gates ect...)

We are a close held corporation with over 20 years experience fabricating and erecting steel. We stay current with our suppliers and the general contractors for whom we supply steel are always pleased with our performance and make every effort to stay current with us.

We are an L.A. City certified fabricator which allows us to shop weld without an onsite inspector for most jobs and we have an AWS certified welding inspector on staff, providing excellent quality control in the shop.

We know our limits and bid only jobs whose scope is within our capacity to complete in a timely and efficient manner.

All jobs we are awarded receive the full attention of the owners and all involved employees in both the shop and field. All the contractors and owners for whom we work know that we are always willing to go the extra mile to bring their jobs in on budget and on time.